Makers wanted

Manufacturing is the creation of new products, either from raw materials or components. It’s all about producing things which go on to help people live their lives.

Manufacturing jobs are increasingly coming back to the U.S., providing millions of Americans with employment opportunities that have not been available in decades. We are fortunate to have a great deal of manufacturing happening right here in the greater St. Louis region.

In manufacturing, you know exactly how your work matters. The products you create are real. They’re tangible. You can look at them and know precisely what their impact is. Plus, the industry is so vast that you could be making anything – from wires and cables, to plastic toys, or even airplane parts. You can actually say, “I made that!”

Available Courses

True Manufacturing logo

True Manufacturing

When you work at True Manufacturing, you are part of a world-class company. Students in this program will learn how to touch-up the interior and exterior of refrigeration units, identify refrigeration unit parts, use air and power tools, and perform subassembly and kitting tasks.

Students will participate in class presentations, discussions, and hands-on training activities. Coursework will be completed at the Skills Center, thanks to a generous donation of replica classroom equipment and supplies from True Manufacturing.

Upon successful completion and hiring, students will begin careers as part of a production team that manufactures the highest quality commercial refrigeration equipment in the world.

Cambridge Air Solutions

Cambridge Air Solutions is an industry-leading HVAC firm committed to enriching lives through the design, manufacture and application of commercial and industrial space heating, ventilation and evaporative cooling products. Training and employment will take place at the company’s location in Chesterfield.

This program is unique in that students will train on-site at the company while also working full time as Maintenance Technicians. Students will learn pre-assembly tasks, paint prep, and assembly skills as well as the tenets of Lean Manufacturing, safety guidelines, and how to use various hand and power tools.

Upon successful program completion, students will permanently join a team known for its continuous improvement, respectful culture, and activities that enrich life beyond the work floor.

Didion Orf Recycling logo

Didion Orf Recycling

Didion Orf Recycling is a certified R2v3/RIOS electronics and metals recycler. The company strictly complies with federal, state, and local regulations for electronics and data handling. Their commitment extends to promoting healthy, safe, and sustainable recycling practices.

All training will be held on-site at the Didion Orf plant in St. Peters, Missouri.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will permanently join the Didion Orf team as full-time Dismantlers. 

Natoli Engineering

Natoli is the recognized global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacturing. Students will learn skills such as reading blueprints, using precision measuring equipment, filling fluids, operating machines and more.

Coursework begins at the Skills Center and then moves on-site at Natoli. In week two, students also begin full-time work as paid employees. Three hours each workday count toward the vocational training requirements.

After graduation, students will permanently join the Natoli team where they will have their choice between full- or part-time work across three different shifts.