What is Organizational Employment?

Organizational Employment offers individuals with disabilities the chance to work right here at BCI. This is our facility-based employment program that operates as BCI Packaging. Each employee has an Employment Support Specialist to work with his or her unique needs. Through regular training and assessment, we ensure the highest level of success for each person who joins our team.


Organizational Employment is open to individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or any other categories protected by applicable federal, state or local law who meet the following qualifications:


Organizational employees perform contract packaging and light manufacturing work for global brands across the world. We have two facilities. Our main plant in St. Peters has 60,000 square feet and 19 production lines. Our Lincoln County plant in Moscow Mills has 23,000 square feet and 10 lines. BCI employees:

  • Unpack and repack goods to customer specs
  • Assemble raw materials into finished goods
  • Gather items into a kit
  • Inspect, sort or rework for quality
  • Send boxes or bags through machines
  • Label and palletize products


Organizational employees can work full time (29-1/2 hours per week) or part time and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Voluntary life, dental and vision insurance

We create a fulfilling workplace for adults with disabilities that goes beyond the job. As a team, we celebrate holidays, work anniversaries, retirements and many other special events. We also recognize employees for their achievements through monthly and annual awards and special incentives.


Extra Innings is a paid before- and after-work program at St. Peters created to support our employees facing transportation challenges. Participants can arrive as early as 7:00 a.m. and leave as late as 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Under the direction of the program’s coordinator, participants learn new skills, discuss various topics, play games, watch movies, do planned activities or just hang out.


BCI offers a continuum of employment opportunities, and Organizational Employment is the first step. We are dedicated to finding the right career path for each individual we serve. Each year, Organizational employees transition into Competitive Employment or move on to the Skills Center for vocational training.

We offer more than just a job. We are dedicated to finding the right career path for each individual, providing a continuum of programs tailored to match interests and abilities. Each year, there are Organizational employees that transition into our Competitive Employment program, as well as into vocational training at our Skills Center.


We are very aware that if BCI did not exist, we probably would be able to see that Marshall has an acceptable life, but—and no exaggeration—what BCI does helps make Marshall and all of these people’s lives exceptional for them. And thereby, for us.

Reid & Jill K. / Marshall's Parents

The employment opportunity that BCI has provided Megan, our daughter, continues to be one of the best life-altering, meaningful experiences for her. Megan’s self-image and confidence has grown not only through her job-related responsibilities but from the relationships developed with her co-workers and supervisors.

Mark B. / Megan's Dad

My name is Elizabeth and I really love working at BCI. I am proud of doing a good job assembling things that you and my mom and dad can buy. I love being with my friends every day and not just sitting at home. And I love getting a pay check for the work that I do.

Elizabeth M. / St. Charles

It is wonderful to see many of these individuals go from being unsure of themselves to blossoming at BCI! My daughter worked in both the St. Peters and Moscow Mills facilities for 13 years. The confidence and skills she gained there were essential for the career she has now at Amazon.

Donna R. / Liz's Mom

The program at BCI is amazing. They have expanded the continuum of independence since I last visited. The average coach/supervisor to team member is 1 supervisor for every 12 team members. They have one line that works seated. The next line stood but worked at a slower pace. As the lines progressed, the speed increased. By the final line, the team members were working every bit as fast as the folks at a company like True Manufacturing. For team members that are ready to leave the production floor, BCI offers 8-week training courses to transition to competitive employment at their Skills Center. What impressed me the most was the overall atmosphere. The positivity and comradery are apparent. The one thing I noticed that might be distracting is the noise level. It is typical factory/production noise, but it is definitely louder than in a school setting. Overall, I was very impressed with BCI and would encourage you to speak to your caseworker and schedule a tour.

Beth Twedell / Ft. Zumwalt School District

BCI has been accredited by CARF for its Organizational Employment Program.