The Organizational Employment Team

Katie Jones
Chief Program Officer, Organizational Employment & Advocacy

Katie leads the organizational employment program and ensures our mission is met across the entire employment continuum. She manages the ESS team, maintains accreditations with funders and agencies, and keeps up with legislative issues pertaining to disability employment. With a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, she loves that no two days are the same—and the mission, the people, make every part of her work worthwhile.

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Jeremy Sutton
Director of Program Quality and Integrity

Jeremy joined BCI in 2018 following an impressive 18-year tenure at Ranken Technical College. As a founding member of the Skills Center team, he now serves as the Director of Program Quality and Integrity. In this capacity, Jeremy oversees outcomes reporting and various facets concerning the quality and funding of all BCI programs. He finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the successes of individuals served by BCI in their careers. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a master’s degree in Counselor Education.


Elizabeth Dulle
Lead Employment Support Specialist

Elizabeth is responsible for leading and supporting the St. Peters ESS team. In addition to managing her own employee caseload, she also fields all employment inquiries and facilitates all interviews. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Services. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know incredible people and watching their growth through the years.

Matt Nesselhauf
Program Manager, Lincoln County

Matt is the one-man programs department at our smaller facility in Moscow Mills. He is a job coach, counselor, administrator and go-to for parents, guardians and others who care for LC employees. He holds a cross-categorical Special Ed degree and joined BCI in 2017. As a certified MANDT trainer, he helps develop a culture that provides for everyone’s emotional, psychological and physical safety. He loves seeing the lightbulb go off when an employee learns a new skill.

Annie Owens
Employee Medical Supervisor

Since 2021, Annie has been responsible for the health and safety of BCI employees at work in this new role. From headaches to Band-Aids to seizures, she attends to all medical situations, small and large. With an associate’s degree in Paramedicine, she previously spent 22 years as a Paramedic and still holds her EMTP license and certifications. She enjoys challenging BCI employees to do their best while keeping them healthy and happy.

Jordan Christie
Employment Support Specialist

Jordan came to BCI as an intern working on his master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Lucky for us, he stayed as a full-time ESS. In this role, he helps employees become comfortable in the workplace, coaching them to tackle their own personal barriers to success. He know BCI employees are always capable of more and enjoys providing the support and reassurance they need to reach their next goal, even if that means moving on.

Bridget Jeep
Employment Support Specialist

Bridget began working with adults with disabilities in 2016 after earning a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Joining BCI in 2019, she is responsible for supporting employees and setting goals that challenge them both professionally and personally. She finds her job very rewarding and says the best part is building relationships. Learning an employee’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. allows her to provide greater support.

Laura Wootten
Employment Support Specialist

As an ESS, Laura supports a caseload of employees so they can be happy, productive and successful. She also coordinates BCI’s before- and after-work program, Extra Innings. A retired special ed teacher, high school counselor and cheerleading coach, she accepted her “dream job” at BCI in 2020. She loves building relationships with the employees and their families and considers herself an advocate, liaison, teacher, listener and supporter.

Sandy Weitkamp, BCI

Sandy Weitkamp
Benefits Case Manager

Sandy Weitkamp joined BCI in 2018 after working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in St. Charles and St. Louis counties for over 25 years. She has worked directly with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Ticket to Work programs and is one of the leading disability benefits experts in our region. In 2022, she earned her certification as a Work Incentives Practitioner (WIP-C). Knowing that work incentives pave the way to work and financial independence for those receiving public benefits, Sandy is available to anyone living with a disability who would like to start or return to work. Appointments are free and can be booked at