About Us

A New Concept

People with disabilities can accomplish amazing things—and careers are no exception. That is why BCI has established a first-of-its-kind facility that offers vocational training for people with disabilities in St. Charles, St. Louis, and surrounding counties.


We opened the Skills Center in January of 2019 with two vocations and plan to strategically increase programs and participants. Upon graduation, students move directly into the integrated workforce where they earn a competitive wage. Our goal is to have expanded vocations and training to more than 100 students by 2021. 

Located in St. Peters, Missouri, the Skills Center is a 501c3 nonprofit offering tuition-based training. We anticipate that the cost will be of little to no expense for the individual through scholarships and supplemental state agencies.

Business Partners

The BCI Skills Center is based upon a unique model where we partner with local companies who share our believe that people with disabilities can contribute meaningfully to productive business organizations. With each new business partner, we are leading the charge in the "inclusion revolution" while helping them fill their employment needs. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

As BCI advances vocational training to a higher level, we seek the support of those like-minded businesses to provide the greatest opportunities for people of all abilities.   

The Skill Center’s Unique Features

BCI Skills Center Salesforce Class

No Pre-Testing

Transforms a student's ambition into meaningful and fulfilling work.

On-Site Vocational Instructors and Benefits Case Manager

Ensures confidence in learning environment, employment, and navigating needs. 

Small Classrooms with Replica Work Settings

Highlights individualized learning and real training.

Multiple Vocations Under One Roof

Offers students the opportunity to observe and learn as they explore different career paths.

Applied Training at the Business

Strengthens relationships and develops training for both employee and employer. 

Curriculum Developed for Employer Needs

Provides an ongoing source of dedicated, well trained workers. 

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