Sutton, Jannings Assume New Leadership Roles at Boone Center

Boone Center, Inc. (BCI) announced new leadership changes, including two internal promotions that took effect on February 6.

Jeremy Sutton, who was curriculum manager at the BCI Skills Center, has been promoted to its chief program officer. With BCI since 2018, Sutton now leads vocational training programs with a focus on the continued development of strategic employer partnerships, student recruitment and innovative programs to further workforce development efforts for adults with disabilities.

Matt Jannings, who was at the director level, has been promoted to chief program officer, competitive employment. With BCI since 2020, Jannings now assumes larger responsibilities in managing employment services for adults with disabilities who want to work competitively in the community. As he expands his staff to serve a growing number of clients, he is also focused on growing employment-based experiences for young people to aid in their transition to adulthood.

To align her role with the new leadership structure as it relates to BCI’s employment continuum, Katie Jones, who manages BCI’s organizational employment program, was assigned a new title of chief program officer, organizational employment. With BCI for 18 years, Jones continues to oversee support services for adults with disabilities employed directly by BCI Packaging. She also represents BCI at the county and state levels where she advocates for support, resources and employment choice for adults with disabilities.

Sutton and Jannings’ promotions were made following the resignation of former Skills Center Executive Director Todd Streff.

“Our talented leadership team is always willing to step up,” said BCI CEO Troy Compardo. “With these new and expanded roles, Jeremy and Matt can really dig into their respective areas as we continue delivering on our mission for the benefit of adults with disabilities who want to work.”

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